Live In

Live In


Personal Assistants are employed to work within client’s homes to provide a timely, flexible and complementary role over a 24 hour period to organise the household and the personal care routine as required by the client.

The aim of this level of support is to enable the clients to remain at home with as much independence as possible, carrying out the tasks in a professional, discreet and caring manner whilst respecting the client’s dignity, privacy, property and confidentiality.

The nature of the live-in service is such that the clients choice is the cornerstone of how the care is organised and delivered.

Duties and responsibilities

To ensure that the duties as defined by the Client Care Manager are delivered as detailed in the Care Plan and/or the care diary.

Attendance records and any written records are kept up to date and comply with Data Protection Act requirements.

Personal assistants are required from time to time to function within a multi disciplinary team setting working with Nurses,
GP’s, physiotherapists etc, as and when required.

Promoting independence and enabling rather than a “doing” role ensuring that the client is consulted and involved in the delivery of their care to their optimum capacity is a pre-requisite of the Live-in service.

To ensure that where necessary a receipt is given to clients for any money received from them for shopping and/or bills.

To inform the Registered Manager immediately of any suspicion of abuse or violence towards a client.

To comply fully with the requirements laid down in the Live in Care Workers handbook.

To ensure that the delivery of the care does not breach Health and Safety guidelines.

To inform the Registered Manager of any service delivery matters which may require a change of policy.

To bring to the attention of the Registered Manager any conduct which may be considered prejudicial to the health or well being of service users.


All Personal Assistants must, as required, attend any training deemed appropriate for their post.


In the discharge of your duties you may often be in possession of confidential or personal information. You must not disclose or discuss such information outside of your place of work, or within your place of work EXCEPT in the proper discharge of your duties.

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