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Training & Development

Heart of the South Care Agency recognises that its most important resource is it’s employees. Good practice and Duty of Care are the standards by which we are judged. We believe that the skills and expertise of our workforce are of paramount importance in ensuring that we provide the best possible service to our many clients. It is committed to the training and development of it’s entire workforce so that they will gain the necessary skills to reach their full potential. This will assist in enabling the organisation to achieve it’s aims and objectives that are: To provide specialised, high quality care and rehabilitation to vulnerable people through a well trained and supported working team. By increasing the skills and knowledge of it’s staff, Heart of the South Care Agency will produce confident, highly qualified staff working as an effective and efficient team.

The individual training and development needs will be identified through:

  • Six monthly supervisions
  • An annual performance appraisal
  • Requests from employees
  • Requests from service users

All internal training provided by the organisation will be provided at no cost to the employee. External courses may be partly funded by the organisation depending on the nature of the training.

Employees are responsible for their own development and as such may inform the organisation of their development needs and take part in prescribed development activities.

As part of the organisation’s continuing commitment to training and development, employees are asked to provide feedback on the value and effectiveness of the training and development they undertake. This information will be used to assess and improve the training process.

This policy respects equal opportunities and applies to all employees.
Guiding principles

The following principles guide the Staff Training indicative and apply to all aspects of staff development and training activity delivered both centrally and by individual academic or support area’s. (There is a profound commitment to staff development in our organisation, Lifelong Development and Training being a strong belief of our Director.)

  1. All employees regardless of age, grade, gender, disability, sexual orientation or ethnic background or nature of their contact of employment are expected to undertake staff development and training, which is viewed as a continuous process throughout employment.
  2. Staff are required to assume responsibility for their own development and training, which includes both participation in planned activities and making use of opportunities to learn when they are presented.
  3. Staff development and training is an obligation for line managers who are responsible for identifying individual training and development needs and supporting and encouraging staff.
  4. Formal processes, induction, appraisal and training needs analysis are used at the individual level and staff development and training takes place from the start of your relationship with our organisation.
  5. Accountability for staff development and training rests with management at every level.
  6. Staff development and training provision will be evaluated and reviewed to ensure that it is adequate, relevant, effective and provides real value for money.

Priorities for Staff Development and Training

Identified strategic priorities for staff development and training , in the short to medium term are:

  • Staff development and training for the care worker
  • Staff development and training to support care workers
  • Best practice in the management of people
  • Enhancing service delivery

Staff development and training priorities will be regularly reviewed by the General Manager.

Development Plans

Heart of the South Care Agency is in partnership with local College’s and other support services will be required to prepare training and development plans, which will reflect the achievement of academic and operational plans and the outcomes of the appraisal processes for different categories of staff.

These plans will be approved and reviewed annually by the General Manager.

Training records

Training records will be maintained by Heart of the South Care Agency, subject to data protection requirements and CQC outcomes and regulations.

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